Home Insurance Inventory Sheets

There are many ways to protect your home—find out more below

Your house is your safety, protection, and comfort everyday and because your shelter is the most integral part of your life, our neighbors in Lubbock, Texas know that they need to devote time and resources to securing their homes for the future.

The first step is proper home insurance.  You never know what risks you will face down the road, but you do know that sound coverage will prevent costly fallout when the unexpected strikes.  Darrell Bednarz Insurance knows the best routes to provide total coverage for your home and we'll be happy to help.


We also strive to educate our clients on their coverage and provide different ways to strengthen their defenses.  It is important that your mindset is proactive—accounting for yours and your family's assets through proper documentation is most effective way to take full advantage of your home insurance coverage.


Darrell Bednarz Insurance encourages you to download the home insurance inventory sheet below and take the time to complete the document as fully as possible.  Tour your home and account for the belongings inside.  Once finished, store both physical and digital copies in safe places, as well as with close family and friends in case documents are lost or destroyed.


It's also a great idea to supplement the inventory with photos or videos of the belongings listed.


   Home Insurance Inventory Sheets   


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There are many ways to strengthen your home's security.  Check out the video below courtesy of our partner, Nationwide Insurance:



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Darrell Bednarz Insurance is proud to responsibly secure our neighbors and their homes in Lubbock, Seminole, Lamesa, Brownfield, Levelland, and Plainview, TX, as well as other areas of the state. 

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Darrell and Bunny are so easy to work with. They tirelessly helped us resolve an ongoing issue with our insurance company and spoke on our behalf on numerous accounts until the whole matter was resolved. They are always easy to contact and very conscientious about returning phone calls. They make us feel like we are important to them and that our needs are on the top of their "to-do" list. They consistently demonstrate a genuine interest in our business and treat us like family.
- Kellie K
Thank y'all for being so easy to work with. It has really been a stress free year with our insurance, since we have joined you!
- Drew and Bailey L.
Our home had a pipe leak upstairs, but we did not realize the damage until it busted and flooded our home. We were so relieved that Darrell and Bunny made sure we had provisions for water damage in the homeowners policy. The Safeco adjuster took a load of stress away with his prompt response and assurance. We were able to focus on restoration and move on without any struggles of dealing with a claim. We are thankful that Darrell and Bunny were intent on getting us the protection we needed. Their experience and competence spared us a major loss! We have confidence in their team for taking care of business! Terry and Tricia Campbell
- Terry and Tricia Campbell